Need to raise $100,000+ for your Cannabis?

Need to raise $100,000+ for your Cannabis Dispensary, Grow Opp, Manufacturing, Delivery, Canna/CBD product/service??? šŸ¤”šŸ¤”šŸ¤”

We've partnered with the leading & ONLY crowdfunding platform that allows cannabis companies to legally raise funds. šŸ„³ We're pairing that with our marketing services & network of 100,000+ cannabis professionals, enthusiast, influencers to promote YOUR campaign for YOU!!!


Crowdfunding is a method used to raise small amount of funds, from a larger number of people. Crowdfunding is the only way to legally raise funds from unaccredited investors (ie. people with less than $1M net worth or annual salary less than $250k)

Although crowfunding has revolutionized the way startups raise funds... it's been RESTRICTED from cannabiz owners until NOW!


Raise $100k+ in only 4 weeks leveraging our audience of 130k+ cannaprofessionals / enthusiast / investors + a 4-week digital marketing, PRESS, PR & publicity campaign.

It's all DONE-FOR-YOU implemented by our 27-year old digital marketing agency Blazin Multimedia, who's generated $12+ million in revenue for clients in the past 3 years + our cannafocused PR (Public Relations) partners.


We literally discovered a method that PAYS YOU to do a marketing & publicity campaign for your own company! Cannabiz owners are paying $1,000's to publicize their grand openings, sales and more. But forget that... how about YOU GET PAID to promote your own company? What a NO-BRAINER!


We have the BEST & cheapest way of raising $100k+ for your cannabiz! Plus we create 100's of motivated ambassadors that push your product/service for you! This is seriously a NO-BRAINER but available for a limited time!

  • 4-Week Marketing Campaign
  • 4-Week PR Public Relations Campaign
  • Magazine, Newspapers, Blogs

About Us

Leveraging our extensive connections & insider info, we've created a consulting program for non-trust fund babies, to get you through the process without paying $150k, $100k or even $40k..

Gary & Marie George founded the Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference in 2017 and have grown it to become, the largest canna conference in NJ with over 1,000+ attendees, 20+ speakers, at their last event Oct 2021 (Newark, NJ)

In addition Gary & his wife Marie own a 26 year old digital marketing agency (Blazin Multimedia) and have a wealth of information to share from foundational business strategy, to the intricacies of the cannabis industry.